A witness to the Christian belief in resurrection

The Bateau Bay Anglican Church Memorial Lawn is for the interment of ashes. Iphoto(40)t is a witness to the Christian belief in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and to our assurance that we share in his resurrection to eternal life.


Interment Service

Most commonly, a funeral service is held and the cremation follows. At a later time the ashes are returned to the church – either by the undertaker or by the family – and a brief Interment of Ashes service is held at the Memorial Lawn.



When the Worship Centre was dedicated and consecrated on June 16th 1996, Bishop Roger Herft, Bishop of Newcastle, also consecrated an area of ground on the southern side of the building as a Memorial Lawn

This has been set apart for the interment of cremated remains (or ashes), and its area is 3 metres by 16.6 metres. There is grid plan of the lawn, which delineates specific ‘plots’ – at 2 levels. The grid plan is not for individual memorials, the entire lawn is a Memorial, but a small plaque showing the name and date of death is secured to the wall, which forms the southern boundary.

The cost for each plot is currently set at $550.


We cannot and do not offer perpetuity. The Memorial Lawn will be used and maintained as such for as long as the church in the name of the Trustees of the Diocese of Newcastle retains title.


We Simply offer a hallowed place for interment following cremation.


Further Information

Further information can be sought by contacting:

 the Parish Office on  02 43326129, or

Email angbbay@bigpond.com

Feel free to download the Info Sheet and application form.

Bateau Bay Memorial Lawn Application ‘info sheet