The Parish has a Link with Samaritans


The Samaritans Foundation is the welfare agency of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle.

Samaritans is one of Australia’s largest regional welfare organisations.  With over 450 employees and 400 volunteers, it provides a range of services for children, youth, families and those with disabilities.  Every week, Samaritans provides assistance to 250 families experiencing disadvantage in our local community.  Samaritans proviides food and utility vouchers, clothing and referrals.

In our local community, our church’s link with ‘Samaritans’ provides assistance with social activities for disadvantaged clients and disability clients from ‘Uniting to Care’. Please contact the Parish Office for details of the Samaritan’s Link person.

For more information on the Samaritans please visit or Lindon Scotts via the Church office